IC Health…The Occupational Health & Fitness Certificate People

IC Health makes occupational health and fitness certificates easy, snappy and painless. In a nutshell, we want you useful and valuable at work rather than frustrated and waiting to be fit-for-work.

We want you productive and valuable at work

Yes, a very long time ago we too were frustratingly booking appointments and unnecessarily wasting time to get to work. So, we really know what that feels like.

That’s why, we’ve since drastically improved how occupational health is performed and fitness certificates issued.

A fresh approach to occupational health & fitness-to-work


Here are a few things we do differently:

  • No bookings necessary… IC Health easily deals with large numbers of walk-ins, although you’re more than welcome to make a booking at one of our clinics
  • Large number capacity… our clinics were restructured to right away deal with large groups… walk-ins and bookings alike
  • One point of contact for all queries and follow-ups
  • Quick access to any record by means of our custom software and database… regardless of where you may have worked before… or how far back the record dates
  • One Stop Shop clinics… everything occupational health and fitness card related in one location

Since 2001 our professional team ensured ongoing occupational health and fitness certificates, regardless of:

  • the specific job you do
  • industry you work in
  • type of medical you need, or…
  • where you’re sited.

With no trouble we’ve done that by way of either our fully-equipped mobile units or our clinics.

What really matters

In essence…

IC Health goes all out to turn idle hours into productive ones by:

  • getting you off to work quickly,
  • making sure you’re medically fit, and
  • caring for the legalities, so you shouldn’t needlessly hassle with paperwork

So, if you’re looking for anything occupational health or fitness card related… regardless of where you’re located, let us know. We’ll gladly assist.