IC Health, Not Just Another Occupational Health Provider

Of course, we can tell you the normal boring things like we’re:

  • the ones who have been around since 2001, and
  • a BEE Level 2 service provider,
  • have clinics in 5 major industrial areas,
  • have several registered doctors, radiographers, audiometrists and nurses,
  • an accredited occupational health service provider
  • had the foresight to get our own laboratory and X-Ray machines, or
  • service clients throughout South Africa with our mobile units.

But that’s not the stuff about IC Health that really matter to you. We’d much rather share the important stuff …

IC Health, in a nutshell

IC Health makes occupational health medicals hassle-free.

IC Health wants to turn idle hours into productive ones

We aim to make it quicker and easier than ever before. And our service is most talked about when you urgently need to get a group of people to work.

In short…

IC Health wants to turn idle hours into productive ones by:

  • getting you off to work quickly,
  • making sure you’re medically fit, and
  • caring for the legalities, so you shouldn’t hassle with the paperwork

In a class by itself

Today, more than ever, folks don’t want to wait around before getting to work.

So, all IC Health’s clinics are committed to service… beyond compare.

We too hate unproductive time and waiting for things to happen. That’s why clinics open very early, stay open until the last person leaves and are committed to get you off to work in no time.

It’s simple…

We want you work-ready as quickly as possible.

Don’t take chances with Occupational Medicals

But, IC Health certainly wants to shelter you from hidden mishaps and oversights that are most often completely useless and costly.

That means, we stick to accredited guidelines, norms and recognised procedures… and pay no attention to short-cuts or suspect practices.

Nothing like solid experience

In today’s competitive marketplace, you too probably don’t want to be the guinea-pig. Anyone who knows occupational health will tell you that there’s no substitute for solid experience.

The truth is…

Our professional team is thoroughly familiar with occupational health.

IC Health started way back in 2001 and we’re well on track to surpass our target of 1,000,000 medicals by 2019.

In short, our professional team is thoroughly familiar with occupational health.

Your partner in Occupational Health

Most important of all…

IC Health continually looks to move ahead, expand our horizons and build a meaningful long-term relationship with you. That’s why we actively ask for suggestions and comments to help you keep ahead of your game.

So, if there’s anything we can do to make business better, quicker or easier for you, please let us know.